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Hey guys! first of all I really wish I could hug all of you. All those who show up for my content time and time again, thank you so much.

Now back to today’s outfit. Plaid pants are definitely a vibe and can be worn both as casual dressing or even for some official events it really depends on how you style them.

In this blog I’ll be showing you a simple way to style these pants when going for an event.

The Top

You’ll notice that most plaid pants are either black and white or brownish and other dull colors. Therefore when choosing a top, I’d advice you to got for a really bright top to complement the pants.In my case I wore this bright yellow sleeveless top

Belts and Bags

The belt is optional but the bag however is definitely a must. If the weather is bright and sunny then you don’t really need a big bag, a small one will do just to put in the essentials like lipgloss😂.

A big bag is also okay because of putting things like sweaters or umbrellas so in that case just ensure that the bag has colours that still complement the look.

In my case I chose this sling back that I got from Ethiopia, not only because of its size but also because of its dull colour and it’s hippie vibe. As for the belt I wore it because I didn’t like how the pants look at the waist. That’s a styling hack right there😉


Shoes can literally be of any kind. Maybe not all types of shoes will be suitable for an event but always ensure that you wear comfortable shoes because ideally you’ll be in them for a while.

I honestly wore these closed toe chunky heels to take the photo but I don’t think I’d survive with them at an event for so long.


By now you if you’ve been reading my content you know from my previous blog posts how accessorizing is really important to me.

I decided to wear these oval shaped glasses and the hoop earrings. Putting on a statement necklace is also a good idea

Final Look

That’s the end of my post. It’s been quite lengthy because I tried to expound as much as possible and I really hope that it helped.

I honestly had all these clothes in my closet for the longest time so I can’t pin point where exactly I bought them but for sure I thrifted them somewhere.

Until next time. Take care loves❤️

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