Hey guys!! I’m super excited to be doing my first blog collaboration with @loscious.ke. While at the store (located in Kilimami) I took one look at this mermaid skirt and I fell inlove. This immediately got me thinking of different ways that I could style it. I also found out that it’s either called fish tail skirt, fish skirtor mermaid skirt.

Turtle Neck

If you want to a achieve an official look while wearing this skirt, then a turtle neck is a very good option for you. It gives some kind of formal vibe that would be very appropriate for an office/formal setting.

I paired the look with a chain and a cute glittery small bag.

Crop top

If you want to flaunt your waist and curves what better way to do it than to wear a crop top? It’s possible to achieve this because the mermaid skirt is a high waisted skirt. Choose a colour that you feel compliments your skirt really well.

Paired it with long golden earrings and a cute small black and white bag.

Sleeveless top

Wearing the skirt with a bright sleeveless top makes the look appropriate for casual settings like brunch, cocktails etc. The look appears fun, flattering and colorful. If you’re into colour I would advice you to choose a really bright and contrasting colour like the one I used.

Paired it up with stud earrings and this cute Aldo bag.

That’s the end of this short but hopefully helpful blog post.

Outfit Details

Everything: @loscious.ke (located at Kilimani)

Follow the link below to shop 👇👇

Instagram: https://instagram.com/losciouske?igshid=k07qud1ra7f3

It was fun shooting for them. Thank you all for your endless support that’s gotten me far enough to even start doing collaborations. I’m praying that more and more will come as we keep growing together❤️


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    Harun , Direct link to comment

    You are so stylish and interesting. I instantly fell in love with your style when we met. You definitely have a bright future in blogging!

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