2 piece looks have always been a favorite of mine because they are cute , sexy and in real sense you can take one of the piece and style it completely differently. That being said, in this blog I’ll be sharing some tips on how to get the perfect blazer to style the look.

1. Consider getting a matching blazer

This works perfectly if you’re going for a monochrome look. It doesn’t have to be the exact shade of color but at least they should be in the same shade. For my look I used a jungle green blazer which was darker than the green on the 2 piece.

2. Blazer should be longer than the outfit.

If your outfit is even slightly abound the knee then this tip is for you. The only worrying thing is that from the back it would look like you have nothing on but what’s the point of fashion if you can’t be bold you know? I’d recommend this look as perfect for a date or brunch with the girls or even for a daytime event.

3. Make sure the blazer is fitting

Basically yes the blazer should be all the things above but fitting is also something to definitely consider. I mean an oversized blazer could also do the trick but I think it would be uncomfortable to walk around with for long as well as it could hide the outfit. If it can be fitting and long the better. But if you’ve rocked this look with an oversized blazer let me in know in the comments.

I hope these 3 simple tips help you out when you’re ready to rock this bomb look. In case you have any other style tips please leave a comment 💚

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