It is no surprise that as dark skin girls we are often scared of wearing bright colours because sometimes the contrast between the colour of the outfit and our skin can be “off”. (At least according to society) 

I personally am a great fan of  bright colours and so I tend to be very experimental with the colours. In this blog, I will give you a few tips that I’ve picked along the way that could give you some confidence when it comes to rocking bold colours.

You can never go wrong with Yellow

There is a common saying that ‘yellow is a black girl’s colour’ which is honestly pure facts. The vibrant colour always looks so beautiful against our dark skin and sort of makes the skin appear highlighted. I mean no wonder #blackgirlsinyellow is always a trending hashtag on Twitter from time to time☺️

Alternatively you could Pair up the outfit with a black or white bag if you want to dilute the bright colours

Accessorize the outfit.

The right accessories can bring any outfit to life and similarly the right accessories can complement any bright coloured outfit. So incase you aren’t sure about the outfit you’ve worn because of it’s bright colours, try accessorizing it and see the difference it makes. In my case I accessorized this orange dress with white pearls

Avoid colourblocking 

Colourblocking is honestly a skill😅 and some people like myself aren’t very talented at this. Not that it’s impossible ,don’t get me wrong, but it’s just one of those things that you don’t have to do with bright colours unless you’re going for a certain type of theme. Although once I figure it out I will definitely be blogging about it!!

In my case I paired the orange dress with an orange sunhat 👒

Those are the few tips that I had to share with you guys. I hope that they helped you especially for those who shy away from these bright colors.
Also if this inspires you to create a look. Tag meee I’d love to see it!!❤️

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