The same way elegance can be represented through your dressing, how you accessorize can have a similar impact.

When you think of class/elegance, who comes into mind? For me it’s the likes of Coco Chanel or the princesses from the movies and when you think about it, it has alot to do with the kind of accessories that they wear as much as the clothes.

What kind of accessories are these, you may ask? The answer is simple; “Pearls, Diamonds and rhinestones” I recently did a shoot inspired by the “Bridgerton Series” which is set in the Victorian age of royals and naturally the theme was “elegance” so keep reading to get a few accessorizing tips


If you’re looking for the best example think about the queen of elegance herself “Coco Chanel”. There’s just something about pearls.


The way I see it, what makes rhinestones classy is the way they mimic Diamonds and the best part about it is the fact that they come in so many different colours so you can easily match them with your outfit.

A touch of Gold
Anything coated with gold reminds me of royalty and accessories are no different

I hope this article helps you the next time you are going for a fancy event/dinner and you need to look elegant. Also let me know which would be your go to accessory for this theme.

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