Hey guys as most of you know, yesterday I got to attend Couture Africa Style Awards! And won a trophy under the category “Most Stylish People’s Choice Award” of which I am extremely grateful.

That being said, I wanted to plug you with  quick tips on how to get red carpet ready.

Pick the dress 

I really believe that your dress sets the tempo for the rest of the look; from hair, make up and even accessories.
Melina Gold came through for me with this gorgeous red dress💃

Pick comfortable shoes

I mean how gorgeous were my shoes 😍 I really got a pretty good deal for them too! Wearing a 2 inch heel was the best decision that I made! I stayed with the shoes the whole day and even ended up going out with them later on. Also I wouldn’t advise wearing flats, I mean you can carry them but for the red carpet part, you can pose with your heels

Red carpet make up

What I’ve noticed about most of the red carpet make up looks is that it’s very subtle but still glamorous. All in all I believe whichever make up you decide is up to you but try to stick to shimmery shades


I mean I know I’m always saying how you should accessories, but honestly you really need to accessories. For my case my accessories was mostly my hand gloves but if I could go back in time I’d probably wear dangly earrings as well just to compliment my strapples dress.

Minimum Luggage

The smaller the things you’re carrying, the better. Carry a mini clutch bag and put in only the essentials such as lipgloss, some make up and even your phone. The bag is also good for putting In buisness cards that you’ll get from networking

Be confident

Confidence is very important because when you’re confident, you feel beautiful and you are rest assured to make the best of the event!

I hope these tips help you for when you’re going for a red carpet event ❤️

Always remember to Stay Fabolous!!


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