I’ve been hosting an amazing bridal style show for a few weeks now and when if you’ve been following me then you know that my style game was A1 as always😌

In the recent episode I got to wear the most amazing 2 piece that I have ever come across. I’ve always wanted to wear a 2 piece that’s paired up as palazzo pants with an oversized coat and so you  can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to do just that.

What I love most about the outfit is that it just has all this drama going on from how it flows when i walk by plus the the colors/print is the show stopper for me!

That being said, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to pull off such a colourful  outfit I.e. how to style & accessorize it.

Pair it up with a simple but cute top

As you can see, the outfit has so much colour going on which already makes it so vavavoom and therefore if you have to wear a top (yes have to, because you can just go braless) 😉 then wear something simple with basic colours like black/white depending one the print of the outfit ofcourse.


Minimal accessorizing 

With the accessories go minimal but not necessarily basic. You don’t want to look like you got the most beautiful outfit and then picked a random earring/necklace from the street. So it doesn’t have to be a statement piece but it should at least complement the outfit. Like in my case  I wore this simple but beautiful golden  chunky necklace to complement the yellow colors on the dress.

Any type of shoe goes

For the shoes, honestly anything goes it just depends on the occasion as well as how long your palazzo pants are. Mostly, the pants can almost touch the floor so sneakers, doll shoes or heels can pass. I really think with all that drama on the outfit, no one will really be paying attention to your feet.

So those are the 3 tips that I personally considered when deciding how to style this outfit so that I don’t look awakward on TV😂 if I may so! Incase you  have any tips that work for you kindly let me know as well.

As usual thank you for taking your time to read my blog I really hope it helps!




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