HOW TO ROCK A NO-BRA LOOK (suit edition)

I’ve always been shy or rather reluctant when it comes to leaving the house braless, and yes that was definitely before the boob tape era. It was something I’d only comfortably do when wearing a baggy t shirt to sleep or for a casual stroll to the local shop. But hey! Look at me now.

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you how to elegantly rock a braless look when wearing any kind of suit for your next brunch, date, wedding, or even for an event.

1) Get a boob tape 

Luckily this is the easiest yet crucial step. A boob tape is important because of how it lifts the breast to make the exposed part of the cleavage stand firm making the breasts sit pretty. Furthermore, you may  notice that boob tapes come in different colours so when it comes to deciding, pick one that’s closest to your skin tone😍

2)Make sure the suit is tight fitting

There’s something boss babe about having a tight fitting suit. It sits well on the shoulders and let’s just a little cleavage to remain exposed which I feel elevates the suit look, giving it some class despite it being a no-bra look.

3) Accessorizing

I believe there’s 2 ways of accessorizing the look I.e. the first one is wearing a choker with stud earrings making the look simple and elegant. On the contrary you could accessorize the look with a simple necklace that sits on the chest and pair it with dripping earrings to create an illusion of an elongated neck.

Whichever you choose I believe depends on the vibe you’re going for as well as the occasion.

4)Make up (shimmery chest)

All that exposed chest area could definitely do with some shimmer. Imagine how outstanding you’d look at brunch with not only a a no bra power suit but with some touch of shimmer on the exposed area 😍. However, don’t use too much of it, you already look dazzling as it is.

5)Don’t forget your confidence  🙂

I think to rock such a look, a great deal of confidence will come a long way especially for ladies with big breasts, you’ll definitely attract some attention with this look but remember as long as you followed these tips,  you look amazing and gorgeous and don’t let nobody dim your shine sis! 🙂

Thats the end of this post, incase you have any more tips

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