Here’s creative ways to play with an oversized shirt. In this case I used a denim shirt❤

look 1

This is more of a casual look. Maybe a stroll to the supermarket or a chilled in door vibe with friends.

The string is basically to seperate the shirt at the middle so that it doesn’t look so baggy also pair it up with a cute sling bag and you could throw on a pair of sunglasses if you wanna look extra.

look 2

This a little bit extraa so I’d definitely suggest it for an event or turn up.

It’s basically a denim shirt ,a pair of half glasses and a money bag.

Also can you peep those earrings 😍 definitely a whole

look 3

Lastly this look is a brunch/cocktail look.

The huge belt in the middle is definitely so cute and also makes your stomach appear tiny (trust me😏)

I went on and matched the outfit with a pair of heels and a bag just to make the outfit appear more sexy since it’s actually a little bit plain.

TIP: Playing around with jewellery and make up is always a good idea especially if an outfit looks plain since it gives makes it look a bit extra and makes you look poppin 😍

Outfit details

Denim shirt- @myrobi_thrift_store

Shoes & Sling Bag- Bought when I travelled to US

Black leather bag- Mom’s closet

Half glasses- @meraki_byd

Earrings @beautygalorekenya

PC: @focusbymoccoh

Thanks for your support💕

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