Friday I went for cocktails (and burgers) rocking a full nudish look and I actually got a couple of compliments for it. This got me thinking whether this look is something I’d have worn comfortably a couple of years ago. And honestly…I thought not😅,  younger me would really shy away from the neutral colours and so here are a couple of tips that I think I picked up along the way that I’d love to share.

Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone

Ideally it’s important to experiment with all types of colours on your skin (how else did yellow become a black girl’s colour) BUT if it’s your first time rocking neutrals you wanna stick to the shades that compliment  your skin  so that it is not only easier for you to play around with the look by adding accessories but it will also have you feeling confident.

Focus on the little things that compliment the outfits 

By little things I’m talking about accessories, bags, belts and even masks( yes!! masks now have become part of our daily routine so why not incorporate them into your style?)

If your going an overall minimalistic look, then  even the kind of accessories you use should not be statement pieces but rather should just complement the look harmoniously ie: brass neck piece/ bangle , small studs.

When going for monochrome look, everything does not have to be the exact shade of colour 

I struggled with this a lot previously. I thought that if the shades weren’t the exact same colour then the whole look would be just off. However I’ve gotten to realize that as long as the different pieces of the look are of the same colour, a little difference in shade wouldn’t “destroy” the monochromatic vibe.

My dress, bag, face mask and shoes were all different shades of brown but the monochrome effect was very much achieved.

Those are the 3 tips that I had to share with you guys today. I hope that this helps someone who ,like me, was scared of wearing neutral  colours because they weren’t sure about how to go about creating a chic minimalistic look

If you use any of the tips to create a neutral look, kindly tag me or share the photo with me. All outfits were thrifted!!❤️

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