Hey guys, first of all I’d like to welcome you all to my official website. I am so excited to go through this new blogging journey with you!

We all know it’s the season of love which means that it’s the time for y’all couples to slayyy ,and lucky for you, Handel and I are here to show you exactly how to do that with monochrome vibes.

First of all allow me to define what a monochrome outfit refers to. Monochrome in simple terms is one colour and therefore a monochrome look involves wearing just one colour of outfit which could include shoes as well.

Now that you’re all caught up let’s get right into it!

Step one 

Research on colours that go together. The first step is definitely to know what colours actually complement each other so that you don’t look so ‘off’ considering your planning on wearing a full colour from head to toe. For us we settled for the colours pink and grey

Step two

Now it’s time to try on the clothes. We all know sometimes something looks really cute when it’s on paper or ‘online’ until you try it on. Assuming you’ve now settled on these colours , it’s important to see how those colours look on you. You could either go for shopping or try clothes with similar colours in your closet.

Step three

It’s now time to make your final decision on the colours! And if you’re still having an issue you could consult a friend who’s a fashion enthusiast or a fashion consultant like myself.
If you’re nervous it’s also helpful if you ask for opinions from different people.

last step

Time to step! Now it’s time for you and your partner to step out and go have dinner as the fashionable couple that you are!!

Well it’s really that simple! Comment down below if this was helpful and whether it’s something you’ll be willing to try with your partner especially this valentine season!!

I had so much fun shooting with Handel who is also a fashion blogger and designer so check out his page as well. (link below)


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