Hello guys! Most people avoid wearing sporty looks for an event unless the theme is something like ‘street wear’ or ‘athlesuire’. However, I think it’s possible to wear a sporty/athletic look for practically any event because as usual the trick is in… how you choose to accessorize.
Here’s how I decided to spice up my sporty look for Instamarket

Fancy sunglasses

Throw on a pair of fancy sunglasses, this could literally be anything from oval sunglasses that I’m wearing or the cat eye sunglasses, sunglasses that are vintage/retro or even the ones with colourful tints. The plan here is to sort of make the sporty look appear more of casual.

Stylish bag 

There are so many different stylish bags so all I can say on this is just make it pop. Choose a bag that won’t be swallowed by the outfit but rather stand out and still complement the look.
In my case I carried this colorless bag which was not only cute but also big enough to fit everything that I needed on that day eg; my lipgloss 😉


I think a big part of what makes a look sporty is the whole sneaker kind of vibe so we can keep that. Choose comfortable sneakers that you can stay with for the whole event. In terms of colours and design, it depends on what sporty outfit you decide to wear. In my case, white sneakers definitely  brought the look together.

Now for the final ‘after look’

That’s the end of the post. I hope you’ve gotten a few tips and tricks of how you can spice up your sporty look the next time you go for an event. Let me know if it helped by commenting down below or by sending me a direct message on my IG.

Until next time keep slaying…

And shout out to my girl Paula for being an amazing company on that day. Check out her IG: @athriftersdiary

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