I’ve always been a fan of blazer dresses but for some reason I think I only have 1 or 2 which I think is because i rarely know where I’d wear them on regular occasions.

However, I’ve figured out a few things to consider when choosing a blazer dress to ensure that it’s suitable for almost all your occasions.

Size/ Fitting

I think blazer dresses are more flattering when they hug your body well. Although it doesn’t have to be so tight incase you wanna wear it both to work and for other occasions like brunch.


We all know that blazer dresses are mostly designed to be worn without bottoms but if you can come across one that can pull of a suit look then why not get it?

So basically you can wear it with pants/shorts/skirts to create smart casual look😍

Print & Design

I personally believe you should have 2 types of blazer dresses. One that’s more flashy and colourful and one that’s more minimalistic like the greys, navy blue etc.

Those are the 3 tips that i had to share, I hope the tips will help you the next time you want to make a decision about a blazer dress❤️
Any more tips you have in mind. Comment down below

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