Hey guys, last week  I made this 2 piece satin set for a wedding and it’s obvious that the sleeves of the top carried the day! So I decided to write a blog showing why that was the case and incase you’d want to make or buy a an extravagant  top what would be the kind of things to consider.    

Colour Choice

I did a poll last week on my stories where I asked my followers  to choose between 2 colours and my followers did not disappoint! One of the best reasons I got for why I should pick this brown was because of how it would look like bronze highlighter on my skin and you know what!? I kind of see it. It was surprising to me cause then again you’d always think brown would tone down a melanated skin but I guess I have been proven very wrong!

Fabric choice

Okay! Can you see this satin? Like how does it look so elegant & rich! I think that’s also something to consider because it’s possible that a different fabric would probably not have made this shade of brown so beautiful. Other fabrics that you could consider instead of satin could be silk &

  • The sleeves

Honestly these sleeves just have a personality of their own! Like they really  do carry the whole show. I am obsessed with its size and just how elegantly it flows from the shoulders down. I’m really excited  that I did not shy away from that va va voom statement !

I loved making this top! And the whole set really!! Can’t wait to have it available for sale 🤎

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