First of all, let’s get rid of one of the greatest misconceptions that people have about wearing black which is “black is only a gothish colour” not that anything is wrong with being goth; but seriously what’s that all about?

The truth is like anything that you may ever decide to wear, the secret is how you accessorize it or choose to style it because that is what determines how well you will pull it off.

However today I am here to give you just 3 simple and hopefully convincing reasons about why you should give the idea of wearing all black a try.

Black works well with every skin tone and every hair colour.

Just think about it. If you have some crazy hair colour and you still aren’t sure which colour of clothes you can wear to kind of match the hair-do; wear all black.

How about if you are dark skin and you feel like you can’t pull of bright colours; oh well then; Wear all black.

Black is for every occasion

Ideally you can wear all black when going for a funeral but don’t you think you can also pull it off for probably a date, a job interview, in school or even at work.

The only difference is that you may want to break the monotony on a couple of the occasions buy probably throwing on a colored belt or a blazer.

Black is a slimming colour

Who doesn’t want to appear slimmer? Because I personally do. And looking at myself in this outfit I tend to think that this might be a little bit true. But I will let you be the judge of that.

Here is a small section I found online explaining this theory

That concludes my post. I know black is a very common thing but I hope I’ve managed to give you angles that you never really looked at before. Let me know if you feel like my reasons were convincing enough 😂

Outfit Details- everything thrifted😉

Black body suit @400

Palazzo pants @650

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