Hi guys. In this blog post I am going to take the outfit above (black tank top and green skirt) and style it in 2 different ways. In which one will be without jewellery and the other with jewellery

Got the initial inspo from pinterest. Nailed it?

Look 1

In this first look, I styled the outfit without using jewellery. I noticed that it kind of gives it a casual official look especially when I paired it up with a black handbag👜

Look 2

For this look I decided to switch it up a bit by now putting on a necklace and hoop earrings. Also I dropped the handbag for this small cute greenish bag 💼 that matched my skirt. This made the look extremely casual which is different from the first one.

That’s the end of this blog post. The idea here was just show you how you can switch up a look by just accessorizing it more depending on the occasion. Let me know which one you’d prefer. With jewellery or without?

Thanks you for your never ending support. Stay jewellery 😉 

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