Hey there foodies. So I guess you’re wondering what the bizzare title is all about. The Tav has an amazing offer for a two course meal between the hours 11:30-2:30pm every weekday.

My friend (Olubai) and I had the opportunity to go there on a Friday so read along to see my opinion on this amazing offer.

So like I said it’s a 2 course meal offer. And for starters you’re offered either salad or soup and bun. Luckily I got to taste both😋

Mayonnaise salad dressing was used on the salad which gave it a sweet kind of a taste.

The soup was made of butternut and honey which was rather an unfamiliar taste. Wouldn’t really call it bad or good but it went really well with the bun.

On to the main meal😍💦💦

I loved the food. The presentation of the food was appetizing and it arrived on time and it was served while still hot. The portions of the food is enough to keep you satisfied till dinner.We also ordered 2 glasses of juice (drinks are not part of the offer)

The main course meal was stewed chicken and nutty rice.

Enjoy the rest of the photos…

Photo Credits @Ian Olubayi

That’s the end of this post. Thank you guys so much I love you all. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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