Culture Cafe Restaurant Review


The restaurant is located at South C Muhoho Avenue, Nairobi Kenya. Although it’s on a busy road, it’s actually a place you can have great conversations with your friends/family without interference from outside noice. My friends and I actually shot a YouTube video while there.


If you love a place with a good aesthetic then you’ll definitely love this cafe.The space downstairs has more of a minimalistic vibe compared to the balcony which is more colorful. I personally preferred hanging out the balcony.

There’s another eating area upstairs which is where the kitchen is as well. So for any foodie who probably enjoys watching their food being cooked, that’s the space for you!!


Now this was my favorite part. The food is hella delicious and quite affordable and alottt . We all ordered a bunch of separate foods and I was able to at least taste most of the food. (Scroll until the bottom to see the menu)

I ordered butter chicken and I would highly recommend it for all chicken lovers. The best thing about it compared to the other chicken dishes is that it has soup while the other are a bit dry (although still tasty).

Chicken Tikka

Tandoori Chicken


Well it wouldn’t be my blog without a fashion piece now would it? 😏 So I wore the cutest outfit on that day and surprisingly enough it was actually appropriate for the weather 😂

It was a black sleeveless body suit, black and white palazzo pants and then I threw on a beautiful pink coat and paired it up with a small pink bag from @thebraggybag. I guess we could say that I went for a casual chic look!

General Feedback

The whole experience was beautiful. I loved the food, taking photos, hanging out with my friends and most importantly the service there was A1👌 When you go there ask for Saida Mohammed. She’ll definitely take care of you and  make sure you have a wonderful time like me and my friends did!

That’s the end of my blog guys. Thank you for your endless support and thanks to Culture Cafe for having us. If you guys would like time to do more restaurant reviews please let me know!!😍

Here’s the Menu (quite affordable)




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