I have eaten chinese food more times than I can count but last Friday I had the pleasure of trying out Japanese cuisine for the first time and I found that there was quite a big difference between the two. To start with, alot of the meals use fish as the main ingredient ,the most popular one being sushi which is mostly served raw. Keep reading to see the different foods that i ate and my ratings on them.


Although sushi’s main ingredient is fish, you can barely taste it in the dish. In fact the dish has a neutral taste so it’s not really sweet or salty but just a fine balance of everything i.e. no strong flavors. It is also important to note that the dish is mainly served raw but you can also get it cooked for specific dishes like ‘Dragon Roll Sushi”

My rating of the dish is 8/10.

Ramen NoodlesI loved this spicy chicken ramen noodle a lot because it was full flavor and the chicken was very succulent and filling. The ramen can also be served with Pork, Oyster and Beef.

My rating of the dish 10/10

You know I had to try the famous  ‘Kung Fu Panda’ dumplings. These are perfect to snack on especially the chicken flavor  ones which I would recommend over the pork. It is also served with some dipping sauce which honestly makes all the difference

My rating is 9/10 for the chicken and 7/10 for the pork.


The restaurant ‘Chekafe’ is located in Lavington and is perfect for people who love garden restaurants, it’s also an amazing space for taking photos because of the good lighting and open space.

I went for a summery vibe, with the yarn crop top being the statement piece and accessorized with pineapple earrings to complete the look.

Generally, I really loved the place although Japanese cuisine is still something that i need a little getting used to. For all you adventorous foodies, let me know your feedback once you try it out and you have tried it out before please let me know how your experience was.


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