Hey guys and happy new year! This year is all about consistency which not only includes posting on this blog but also trying to eat healthier as part of my self care. So that being said I have the perfect , well balanced, breakfast recipe to share with you. Best part is that it tastes so good.


1. Assorted vegetables – got from Naivas

2. Eggs

3. Potatoes

4. Black & White Pepper

5. Salt


You can choose to start with any of the ingredients but personally I started with the potatoes because they take a much longer time to prepare.

1. Cut the potatoes into small cube like pieces or wedges.

2. Boil the potatoes for 10 mins until they are soft but not mushy

3. Fry the potatoes in a frying pan until they turn golden brown and serve.

Mixed Veggetables

Simultaneously boil the mixed vegetables and note that how long you should boil it depends on whether you like your veggies hard or soft. Afterwards, drain the waiter and stir fry the veggies with little oil and season with white pepper,  black pepper and salt for taste.


Beat the eggs on a bowl and add salt/pepper , then pour it into a pan and scrabble. This takes the shortest amount of time to prepare so you should save it as the last meal to prepare .

So now you can make your tea, coffee or juice to accompany your tasty meal. Incase you try out let me know how it goes.



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