The restaurant is conveniently located in Nairobi CBD, Monrovia street on the ground floor of Comfort Hotel.


The first thing that you notice when you walk into the restaurant is the well stocked bar that occupies a big chunk of the space downstairs. The rest of the ground floor has a mixture of the modern setting and ancient chinese restaurant because of the lights.

The upstairs area has three sitting areas of which one is outside, where my friends and I opted to sit.

The meals there are served in rather large potions and are quite affordable ranging from 400-1200ksh.

Spicy beef Fries (450ksh)
The meal was extremely spicy even for someone like myself who always cooks her meals with chili. The portion was also really good although compared to the rest of the dishes I’d say this one is served in the smallest quantity.

Beer Butter Fish Fillet (800ksh)
Yes the fish fillet is dipped in beer which is such an interesting concept. However you can’t really tell that the fish has been dipped in beer because all you can taste is the sweet tasty fish. This was 100% my favorite dish.

Grilled Fish Fillet (450ksh)
This is a good alternative to the beef dipped fish fillet because the fish is well grilled and also just as tasty and fulfilling. ( I already told you my preference though) 😉

Grilled Beef  Fillet and Mashed Potatoes (750ksh)
I’ve never  been a fan of mashed potatoes but I really liked this one. The blend between the beef fillet, the mashed potatoes and the greens was just perfect.

I would rate their service at 10/10 because my friends and I really got the princess treatment that we deserve. The drinks came on time and the food was served hot. The waitresses were extremely kind and patient with us as we had our usual ‘mini-photoshoot’ before ordering for food.

As usual here’s what I wore. I was going for an elegant look hence threw on this long silk dress and matching gold accessories.

General Feedback
I would rate the overall experience at 9/10. Go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.



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