Decide on the theme.

Pick a theme of your choice. Could be colours or costumes just think around that. I went for red/white because of its glam. I chose either of the colours so that my friends wouldn’t have to invest so much on getting outfits.

Pick a venue.

The theme chooses your venue. Be it lunch or dinner make sure the place kind of ‘blends’ with your theme and your friends are comfortable. I chose Fogo Gaucho which is well known for its good meat.

Call your Friends.

Depending on your budget for the occasion, halla at a couple of friends. Its important to call them once you’ve already decided all the above things so that it doesn’t seem like you’re now making them think for you. I invited my closest Friends (7) and we had a really good time.

Get the outfit.

In case you didn’t have the outfit for the occasion decided, this is the time to do it. Tip: make it pop ‘go extra’ this is your day. I went for an all white dress and black heels.

Make the reservation.

Believe me guys, friends can change their minds on coming or convince you to change your mind on the venue. So make the reservation once you get the confirmation from your friends. I made mine 3 days before we had the dinner.

Have a good time.
This is a MUST no matter how many people come on that day. You have to remember  its your day.

TIP: You could hire a photographer just to make the whole thing amazing. Thanks to my friend @wilson19 for the editing.

Kindly leave your comments and tell me what you think. DM me for ideas on restaurants that give good discounts for dinners.

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