Hey guys! So last week I attended a 3-day creative enterprenual conference ,in Kenya, organized by the British Council. We really learnt so much that I can’t put it all down here so I decided to focus on the customers part. I hope that this helps.
NB: there’s a worksheet below with a summary!

When thinking about your buisness it’s important to really think about who your customer is. Give your customer a name and personality so as to help you test your ideas and inform your decison making.

Below are some things to consider, answering the questions will help you really understand who your target market it.

  1. Identify their customer group: ie; are they a model, creative, fashion enthusiast etc
  2. Who are they? ie: their age,  where they live, what do they do?
  3. Their interests ie; what do they love to do with their free time, what motivates them? eg, gyming, attending events
  4. Their personality; what are their values, are they a private or outgoing person?
  5. Their needs: what needs do they have in their personal/ work life? What concerns them eg; their competitors
  6. Their goals: Their life dreams, their aspirations, their role models, heroes?
  7. Their social environment ie; who do they like to engage with in their personal and work life?
  8. What are their reasons for wanting to engage with you ie; what are your unique services
  9. What could be the possible reasons for them to not engage with you?
  10. Approximately how many similar clients are there? (This could be measured through the number of clients that have contacted you before)
  11. How many of them do you intend on reaching and how frequently. (This could be through doing ads or if it’s sending direct messages)
  12. How much do you want them to pay for your services? (depending on your services)
  13. How do you intend to reach them? (Could be through word of mouth, social media etc..)
  14. Your potential income. (How much do you intend to make?)

It is important for every Enterprenuer to identify this from their clients because it helps them understand exactly who their customer is. There’s definitely an available market for your product and services but it’s your work to go out there and find them.
You could download the worksheet below and answer it in relation to your buisness once you’ve understood what the question mean.



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