The answer is Yes!!

On Wednesday, Westgate mall officially launched their VIP Cinema and I had the pleasure of being invited to be a part of it. The experience was nothing short of phenomenal.

The Movie Premier

At around 6:00pm, after snacking, drinking and networking we proceeded to the VIP cinema to watch the movie Wonder Woman 1984 which was premiering.

About the Cinema

I would compare the VIP cinema experience to a home theatre. The cinema is designed in a way that it ensures comfort while giving a luxurious experience with the reclining seats and immersive sounds.

What differentiates the VIP cinema from the regular cinema?

Well hello!!! It’s VIP! So the whole experience is different from the regular cinemas. Personally, they really had me at the luxury spacious  reclining seats.
The surface of placing your drinks and snacks is also more spacious compared to the regular cinemas where you often have to hold the snacks in your hand, on your laps or place on the ground.

The immersive sound will have you feeling like you’re part of the dialogues in the movie 🎥  I wouldn’t know how else to further explain that in words  but rather will let you experience it for yourself.

How many people can one cinema hall accommodate?

There are 2 VIP screens each taking 33 pax.

How much is  ticket?

The tickets are 750. And remember that they have a fast tracked ticketing system which makes the ticketing process really fast. I mean have you guys had those days when you are running late to catch a movie and when you reach the ticketing place, you find a queue and yet you still haven’t bought the snacks!??

Can you watch the movies in 3D?

Yes you can watch the movies in 2D or 3D

Not convinced yet? Click the link below to see what the experience really looks like👇

What did you wear for the launch?

As usual it’s not really a ‘christyles ‘ blog if I don’t show you what I wore for the launch. In respect to the theme “Black Tie” I wore this puffy red dress from @carol_g_fashions

I also had the pleasure of being among some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Tracy Wanjiru who is a TV & Radio presenter and was our MC for the evening.

Thank you so much Westgate for having me. Will definitely be coming again really soon❤️

Incase you have any questions kindly reach out to them via Instagram, don’t miss out on the experience!!

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