Yesterday, V-Spa treated me to a vajacial and lemme tell you, the experience was worth every minute. But before I get ahead of myself, let me start by explaining what a vajacial is and how it differentiates from waxing. Vajacial is like is like a spa treatment for the vagina (vulva) which therefore includes steaming, masking, removing of dead skin cells etc. whereas waxing is removal of the pubic hair.


NB: Make sure that you have shaved before going for the vajacial. If you decided to go after waxing you are required to wait up to 10days.

Once you are there, your vagina will be steamed for about 30-40min which is followed by an intense scrubbing to remove the dead skin cells. Afterwards incase you have any in-grown hairs they will be removed and then  you will be masked. I honestly felt so boujee masking my coochie lol.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the procedure include: lightening of the dark sports around your vagina (vulva) , removing of ingrown and dead skin cells, smoothening bumps around the bikini line and maintaining a healthy hydrated skin.

Did you experience any pain?

I experienced no pain during the process.

How long is the process?

The process is 45min-1hour

How often should one go in order to see results?

To see the required results, I was advised to go twice a month or every other month

Is it a safe process?

Yes, it is completely safe. Expect no complications during or after the procedure.

Is it an uncomfortable process?

I really think this would vary from person to person as well as depending on the person taking you through the procedure. If you are someone who is not comfortable being nude, I think its best to just have the end goal in mind! remember that you are doing it to have a healthier vagina and hopefully that will help you ease into it.

What was the customer service like?

The customer service was amazing. The lady that attended to me was called Njoki and she was very patient and educative about the whole process. I felt very comfortable allowing her to take me through the procedure as well as interacting with her. The spa also is very keen on hygiene from the ladies all wearing gloves, to the kind of beddings that you are expected to lie on as well as the towels used.

How much are their services?

Where is the spa located?

The is called ‘The V-Spa’ and its located at Kai Plaza. Room No: 7 on 4th Floor

IG: vspa_ke        PHONE No:0740127111


I hope you found this blog insightful and detailed enough for when you art ready to get a vajacial. Comment down below any questions I may have not answered here. Also ladies, please share the article widely with your female friends and family❤️

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