Since the ‘outside’ is now opening, coast has been a popular destination for so many people which is why I thought this would be a great article to let you know some of the essential things you’d need while on the road.

Small bag

We can all agree that a small bag is great for putting items like wet wipes, sanitizer, pads or even essentials like your phone charger 😌 in this cause you don’t want something that will be hectic to carry around incase you’re making a couple of stops before your destination.


I know a good part of the trip is likely to be spent taking photos or scrolling through social media but hey… nothing wrong with carrying your favourite book or magazine to read while on the road. After all, if it’s a True Love Magazine, you can get some style tips for looks to pull while on vacation.


We all want to travel comfortably and the shoes we were can have a great impact on that. Wear slides that you can easily remove to avoid sweaty feet which can really get uncomfortable.


Fancy Cup

For me I love putting my  cocktails inside a cup that I can use throughout the trip and just sip on it to stay buzzed. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it works for the aesthetics 😍😂 you know… for taking photos for the gram!


I thought I should add this part just because I believe that although they could be travel essentials (or not) , they are a must have at the  coast.

Sun screen

Every one needs to have sunscreen just to ensure that you’re protecting your skin from the UV Rays. It’s advisable to ensure that you always apply it during your whole trip

 Beach hat 

Definitely any hat works, however, the dramatic look of a beach hat for me it’s where it’s at! Whatever colour or design of hat you decide to wear, just ensure that you’re comfortable wearing it.

Thats the end of my blog post guys. I’ll definitely get better at doing travel blogs but here’s a start. I’m very open to your feedback including changes that you’d like me to make the next time.

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