For every fashion lover, like myself, attending fashion events is definitely high up on your vision board which totally makes sense because where else can you find hundreds of people with similar interest in fashion at the same room. 

So that being said, why Nairobi Fashion Week? 

First and foremost, Nairobi Fashion Week is a 3-day fashion event that will be showcasing 25+ local and international fashion designers from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Switzerland, Angola, Zimbabwe, Benin, Togo, South Africa, USA, Ivory Coast and Namibia. The designers are expected to be unveil their 2023 Spring Summer Collection giving the attendees an exclusive insight into their collection. 

So how do you benefit from it as fashion enthusiast?
To answer these questions, I will break it down for you in different categories.   


This is the perfect opportunity for designers, especially the upcoming ones, to network with other designers in the industry either from the ones who attend or the ones showcasing. It will be insightful to hear other designers’ success stories and maybe pick one or two things that could propel you in your career as well. 

Since their will be designers from all over Africa, this will be the best time and opportunity to benchmark with international standards. As Kenyans, we do have a long way to go in the fashion industry so hearing how countries like Nigeria and South Africa have managed will definitely give more insight into how we can reach their levels as well.


As a stylist, inspiration exists everywhere and I believe one of the best places to get it would be on the runway. Personally, I have gotten so comfortable styling couture looks that i would love to see how to accessorise other kind of looks such as futuristic, androgynous etc. 

Additionally, since most of the designers have intentions to set presence here in Kenya, who better for them to partner with on shoots than stylists who can help bring their visions alive? 

Fashion lovers and influencers  

As a fashion influencer, one of the things that excite me the most about the event is getting an exclusive peek into a new collection launch from the designers since it gives some insight on what international trends to expect the coming season. Furthermore, there will be a room full of international designers who could offer an opportunity for collaboration in their future projects 

All in all, other than the networking, everyone is guaranteed a good experience ranging from the cocktails & bitings, music performance, photo shoot sessions etc. 

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